SUDBURY -- There was a court appearance Thursday in Sudbury by Christian extremist David Popescu who is facing a charge of promoting hate speech against homosexuals.

Many were caught off guard, including the Crown, when Popescu revealed he was going to ask the judge for an adjournment into the New Year.

After Justice Heather-Anne Mendes arrived, Popescu told her it was because he needed extra time to find additional biblical perspective.

During the provincial elections campaign in 2018, Popescu allegedly called for former Premier Kathleen Wynne to be put to death for being a lesbian.

Police then charged him with willfully promoting hatred against an identifiable group.

72-year-old Popescu is defending himself, something that has led to delays because he has no legal training.

Popescu testified "God demanded" Wynne be targeted.

He is scheduled to return to court on Jan. 17.