SUDBURY -- Camping in city owned parks in Sudbury is not permitted but one man experiencing homelessness says he has no where else to go.

Craig Beddows is currently living in a gazebo at Memorial park in the downtown core.

"I have outreach in my corner, they have been very helpful, hopefully I have a place soon. I just want to get off these streets. I am just tired of it, it’s taking its toll and it’s exhausting," said Beddows.

Beddows said he is also struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

"Almost become content, like when you are in that hole, it's almost impossible to get out, you lose hope, I just recently got hope back, I don't want to lose it, cause I feel like if I lose it this time, I am not going to be able to get it back," he said.

The 35-year-old said he's been told he cannot stay in the park.

CTV News was unable to reach the city with offices closed on the weekend.

Beddows was also ordered out of Memorial Park last fall by the city and spent the winter in a tent off Energy Court. He said he moved back to the park after being robbed.

He said there are many people, including outreach workers who stop by to drop off food and supplies and he is touched by the kindness.

"Once people got wind of the like the homeless and helplessness, it's like a lot of people came together and recognizing and started helping out," said Beddows.

He said he's hopeful he will soon find a place to call home.