Landlords in the Greater Sudbury area came together Tuesday night to discuss some urgent shared issues.

Although the group has been meeting regularly over the last two years, its 60 members came with a specific focus on this occasion: the Landlord Tenant Act.

The President of the Greater Sudbury Landlord Association, Ray Goulet, says change is necessary to support landlords in the community and across Ontario and he's taking that message to the province.

“Our concerns right now are with the Landlord Tenant Act, and this is why we're lobbying Queens Park, our conservative MPPs to see what we can do about making changes for all of us within Sudbury area and within Ontario. We have a president's association that we've established and so we're all speaking towards getting change done. We're very frustrated.” said Goulet.

He also says there's currently a staffing shortage at the Sudbury office of the Landlord Tenant Board, and that's causing delays in resolving disputes between landlords and tenants.