SUDBURY -- With Christmas just more than a month away, Sudbury’s Infant Food Bank, along with Petryna Advertising and local radio stations, have launched the 12th annual ‘All We Need for Christmas’ campaign.

Throughout the month of December, the Infant Food Bank is asking Sudbury residents to donate to those in need.

David Petryna, president of Petryna Advertising, said this year's campaign is another example of people in Sudbury coming together and stepping up when needed.

“Sudburians have been great for this campaign, each and every year," Petryna said. "And you know why? It’s the infants of our community, kids, people who can’t fend for themselves.

“So this community rallied together each year. I think we’ve raised over $1 million in the past 11 years, and we’re hoping Sudburians can give generously again this year.”

In previous years, stores, businesses, and restaurants in the city have allowed a baby crib to be set up in their lobbies to accept donations of things like formula, diapers and other key baby items.

But due to COVID-19, the campaign this year is mostly virtual, and people can donate by clicking here.

QR codes

“People can get a QR code for their business, or place of employment and people will go in to that location, they scan the QR code,” said Infant Food Bank executive director Dedee Flietstra.

“That brings them to our website, and they can order things for the virtual cribs. So it’s a lot safer.”

Throughout the pandemic, staff said the Infant Food Bank is seeing more families than usual, and with the holidays approaching, Flietstra said she expects numbers will increase.

“I’m noticing quite a big difference," she said. “If we can help those families who are struggling through no fault of their own, that would be absolutely amazing.”

For this year's campaign, organizers are asking people to consider donating to the four main focuses.

“You can protect an infant, you can clothe an infant, you can feed and infant and you can diaper an infant,” said Petryna. “You can give form the comfort of your own home which is a great way to help the children of our community.”

Places in Sudbury that have cribs set up for donations include: Rehan’s Independent; Di Gusto Wood Fired Pizza, Fresh Pasta & Wine Bar; Tony V’s Pizza and Restaurant; Made In Canada; P&M’s Kouzzina; and, Valley East Pharmacy.

The campaign runs the whole month of December.