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Sudbury hosts storytelling artists from across Canada

Storytellers of Canada gather in Sudbury for annual conference at Place des Arts. June 2/23 (Alana Everson/CTV Northern Ontario) Storytellers of Canada gather in Sudbury for annual conference at Place des Arts. June 2/23 (Alana Everson/CTV Northern Ontario)

Storytelling artists from across Canada are in Sudbury for the 30th annual Storytellers of Canada conference.

Centre franco-ontarien de folklore, a local arts organization is hosting the event at the newly-opened Place Des Arts, a downtown gathering place for artistic and cultural events.

One workshop was about creating stories that matter and is one of many learning opportunities for the 70 storytelling artists gathering for their annual conference.

"So it's everything from a technical nature to something that is more philosophical or conceptual that is more profound about the basic nature of storytelling as a human endeavour," said Christine Hennebury, the president of the Storytellers of Canada.

"Because it's something that humans all over the world share."

Officials said stories about Sudbury helped attract the conference to the city.

"I remember they are storytellers, so I started talking about the lakes, talking about the nature, but now, it's all the regreening process that have been involved in," said Patrick Breton, the executive director of Centre franco-ontarien de folklore.

"After that, I started to tell them because of the creation of all the organizations, francophone organizations, lots of organizations, here really is an artistic hub."

This is the second year the conference has been held in person, as during the pandemic, storytellers met virtually for the event.

"There is something different when you take a workshop in person. So we have got skilled experts who had to pitch their workshop to the conference committee," said Christine Hennebury.

"I was just in one upstairs about storytelling for social transformation and it's about how the power of stories can bring us together. When you understand someone's stories, you understand them. You might still not agree with them, but you understand where they are coming from."

This year's conference theme is "A penny for your thought, a nickel for a story."

Storytellers of Canada said workshops and performances at the conference offer opportunities for connection and learning. Top Stories

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