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Sudbury hosts first skilled trades career fair for students


Students from across northeastern Ontario took part in a skilled trades career fair Tuesday called ‘Level Up,’ a new initiative hosted by the province.

Hundreds of students in grades 7-12 had the chance to learn about skilled trades throughout the day. The Rainbow District School Board is one of several offering this opportunity.

“There’s a lot simulators… welding simulators, heavy duty equipment operation simulators, hair styling. So, it really covers the gamut of the four sectors of the skilled trades,” said Dana Kinsella, with the Rainbow District School Board.

“We’ve got industrial, construction, service and motive power are all represented here, and it’s the industry operators that are here letting the students try them out.”

Kaylyn Rautiainen, a Grade 10 student at Lively District Secondary School, first became interested in skilled in Grade 9 shop class.

“Right now I’m really interested in welding, boilermaker, heavy duty tech, anywhere in the mechanics and welding,” said Rautiainen.

“I love taking my shop that I’m in. This experience has been super helpful with all the employers, all the people supporting us, especially the women in the skilled trades.”

The school board told CTV News that since there is such a high demand for skilled trade workers, this hands-on opportunity is a great experience for those interested in the trades or who are unsure of what they want to do after high school.

“Students are really writing their future stories while they’re here and this is an important part of it,” said Kinsella.

“When they’re here, they are able to try things and talk to people in those skilled trades fields, which we have a huge need for.”

The province is projecting that by 2025, one in every five job openings in Ontario will be in the skilled trades. Top Stories

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