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Sudbury hires more people to help people find a place to live

Greater Sudbury is expanding its team of client navigators, who offer support and services to the city's most vulnerable.

With the number of those experiencing homelessness growing, there is concern from local support groups as the seasons change.

“We currently have 196 people on the by name list. That number had been increasing,” said Gail Spencer of the City of Greater Sudbury.

“Jan. 1, it was 168."

The city has added four more client navigators to its team for a total of seven, in hopes of preventing more people from experiencing homelessness.

Created during the COVID-19 pandemic when many services were closed, client navigators help individuals connect with proper resources.

"These client navigators are out in our community, working closely with our community partners, our shelters, our outreach teams,” Spencer said.


“They also have the ability to help them complete forms to get their ID back, to apply for social housing, to work with landlords and that one-on-one support is very important."

The Elgin Street Mission, which offers support, services and meals to individuals experiencing homelessness, said more people are in need of help.

In August alone, the organization said the number of people coming in for a meal has grown.

"When we look at our numbers, we're up 1,000 meals for the month of August,” said Amanda Robichaud of the Elgin Street Mission.

“We've seen that increase before, but it’s usually during the start of the summer when people are visiting the city. For August to be 1,000 meals a month is a really big deal because we know fall is here and moving in and so is the winter."

Robichaud points to a lack of housing as a cause.

"There’s really nowhere for those who live on the margins to go,” she said.

“We see numerous tents popping up, different encampments popping up over the city and it’s really just a symptom of no housing."

Greater Sudbury said it will be adding four more client navigators to its team for a total of 11 by January 2024. Top Stories

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