Remembrance Day was marked around the country on Sunday with solemn services to remember Canada’s wartime casualties.

On Monday, a high school in Sudbury with a tragic connection to World War One held a special remembrance ceremony of its ownto commemorate the end of the bloody First World War.

100 years, it's a huge moment in history.

Like many schools, Sudbury Secondary, also once called Sudbury High, Sheridan Tech, and other names before that, marked Remembrance Day.

But unlike others in the city, the more than 100-year-old school has a unique connection to the carnage.

Wayne Cuculick is a history teacher at Sudbury Secondary School.

“There's nobody else that has this rich history, where these guys went to school, is still here." said Cuculick.

11 former students gave their lives during the war and their names are honoured on a very old, golden plaque.

Students say the connection inspired them to help plan this year’s event.

“It surprised me actually, because I didn't know that many students went to war.” said Trisha Baylosis, a grade 10 student.

“They were like real people and those were people who didn't make it through the war, and it made me kind of sad." said Olivia Benevides, also a grade 10 student.

About a dozen students from Cuculick's history class pitched in to help with the ceremony,

Some read letters written by local veterans, a unique and special part of the school's library collection, others performed an original song.

Students and teachers say they feel a connection to the men who served and are happy to have helped honour them, by sharing their stories.