SUDBURY -- Two groups have set up networks to protect trails and prime property that is part of Laurentian University.

As part of the university's insolvency process under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act, LU will conduct a real estate review to look at its assets.

That has some people worried the community could lose access to trails, a beach and a massive greenspace.

The Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury has issued a call to action to protect the trails and 200-hectare greenspace that is part of LU.

"It's a place people go to walk on the trails, hike, bird (watch), go swimming at Nepahwin beach, go skiing, whether they are taking lesson or just going out with their family on the cross country ski trails," said Naomi Grant, Coalition co-chair.

The concern is some of the property could be sold to a developer.

"It's immediately adjacent to the Lake Laurentian Conservation Authority lands, which is an even bigger greenspace," said Grant. "This is really important to the health of the Ramsey Lake watershed and the health of Ramsey Lake, which we all enjoy very much and 60,000 of us also rely on for drinking water."

In another effort to protect the area, there are signs urging people to join a Facebook group called, 'Protect Laurentian Trails and its ecosystem.'

We talked to two athletes who live in LoEllen and use the trails on a daily basis.

"They are just a great way to, you know, really take advantage of the nature around us, especially so close to our home," said 19-year-old Laydon Bursey.

The pair said they also appreciate the health benefits.

"I think it's extremely necessary to keep them," said 19-year-old Kendyn Mashinter. "(They) attract a lot of people in the area for exercise, walking dogs -- just a great way to stay healthy."

The Coalition is planning to host an online community conversation at the end of May to give people the opportunity to discuss ways to protect the greenspace.

"(So) in the future if it does go up on a list of assets that were to be sold, we are able to speak up and act together as a community," said Grant.