SUDBURY -- A filmmaker from Northern Ontario, Benjamin Paquette, has completed the final chapter of his movie, 'Perspective,' and it’s all set to screen at Cinefest on Friday.

Perspective is a three-hour film consisting of nine chapters, filmed over nine years. Each chapter follows the lives of three people.

“There are three characters and they are all named Alex," Paquette said. "One is a domestic couple and one is a friend of one the two people in the domestic couple … This love triangle happens and it’s about collapse of a marriage. The film is very contemplative and thoughtful.”

Paquette had help from some students at Sudbury’s Thorneloe University, who were part of the motion picture arts program and theatre program that are no longer being offered.

“The students would come and prior to shooting the film, I would bring them along at the script stage, development stage, putting together the images and what the obstruction would be for us,” said Paquette. “I would integrate them into everything -- the scheduling and production of the movie -- and then they would hang out with the crew and the cast and they were able to partake if they wanted to.”

Filming during pandemic

Paquette said the last chapter was shot during the pandemic, after restrictions were lifted.

“(Premier Doug) Ford announced that filmmaking could resume at the end of June, and we were shooting by July 13, and we shot for our two days," he said. "It did make things a bit complicated, I had to have a full-time person that was a COVID contact, and they had to be informed and we had to wear masks, and we had to social distance, but we had no problems while shooting at Verdicchio’s restaurant.”

The first chapter of Perspective aired at Cinefest in 2011, and officials with the festival said it’s bittersweet to be airing the final instalment.

“The people who have tracked it have definitely are getting different segments, they are re-seeing everything over time, so they are seeing how the piece evolves and how it all comes together,” said Patrick O’Hearn. "It's going to result in a very interesting final work."

The film will screen at Cineplex on Sept. 25 at 12:30 p.m.

As for Paquette, he said he is currently working on a number of other films that are being shot and produced in Sudbury.