Citizens were frustrated and the voting period had to be extended, but the City of Greater Sudbury finally has the municipal election results that people have been waiting for.

Brian Bigger has been re-elected for a second term as the City of Greater Sudbury's mayor with 28.32% of the vote.

Patricia Mills came in second place with just under 5,000 less than Bigger.

In third place was Dan Melanson.


As for city council, there were twelve spots available and ten incumbents are coming back, with two newcomers joining the table at city hall.

In Ward One, Kingsway Entertainment District opponent Mark Signoretti was easily re-elected.

In Ward Two, Michael Vagnini was acclaimed.

Same in Ward Three, as Gerry Montpellier was unopposed and is acclaimed.

In Ward Four, newcomer Geoff McCausland, who is an entrepreneur, musician and works in the creative industry, wins a tight race to claim a seat on council.

In Ward Five, veteran councillor and Kingsway Entertainment District supporter, Robert Kirwan, won his seat back by less than 600 votes.

In Ward Six, Rene Lappiere is returned by only a 300 vote margin.

In Ward Seven, Mike Jakubo, the city’s budget chief is back in easily with over 51% of the votes.

In Ward Eight, another veteran of city hall, Al Sizer is easily re-elected with over 45% of the votes.

In Ward Nine, Deb McIntosh was a runaway winner as she returns to council with over 61% of the votes.

In Ward Ten, Fern Cormier had very little trouble winning his seat back with a 60% lead over the second place finisher Steve Ripley.

In Ward Eleven, another newcomer, Bill Leduc, who beat Terry Kett, who was making a bid to come back to council. The new councillor won 48.6% of the votes, a 27% lead over Kett. Leduc is a veteran first responder from the industrial sector.

In Ward 12, the popular Joscelyne Landry-Altmann was a runaway winner, easily returning to council for another term with over 62% of the votes.