SUDBURY -- Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger is asking for a city staff report about the Kingsway Entertainment District, hoping it will bring more clarity on the controversial project.

The development includes a new $100 million arena, a new casino and possibly a hotel.

"I feel it's very important for both the public and council to understand the relevant facts that relate to a business case for the KED and the investment at this point in time considering all the impacts of COVID," said Bigger.

Developer Dario Zulich, who owns the land where the KED would be built, said backs the call for the report, recognizing how much has changed since the project was approved in 2017.

Zulich commended the mayor for hitting the pause button to deal with more pressing matters.

"I have to give him credit and city council credit for properly prioritizing what's important in our lives and right now the pandemic is the most urgent matter at hand and that has to be dealt with," he said.

Zulich said the property is zoned and ready and said there is no rush at this point.

"We have to take care of the acute problem, which is the pandemic here in our city and the other matters the mayor brought forward such as the opioid crisis and the homelessness," he said. "And so those matters are so important to city council and to all of us here in Sudbury and those matter first."

Bigger is asking people to refrain from further debate on the KED until the city staff report is presented.

"There has been so much information out there coming from all directions," he said. "Some are bits of factual information from staff reports and other experts and other information is coming as opinions from bystanders."

The mayor is hoping the staff report will be ready in the next 8-10 weeks, but acknowledges the COVID lockdown could delay it.