Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, a couple from the Sudbury area has been busy signing copies of a new children's book they wrote.

It's called "The Adventures of Sean the Leprechaun."  

So, how did these lawn-care business owners come to write a book?

Robert and Mary-Lou Hargan have owned Turf King in Sudbury for almost 25 years, and their new book flows out of when they used to read to their kids.

"Sean the Leprechaun is a character my husband made up for the girls when they were little. They’re now 24 and 26. He just told them tales about Sean the Leprechaun and his adventures in Ireland." says Mary-Lou.

Robert Hargan is originally from Bray, in County Wicklow, Ireland, and made up the stories of Sean befriending a little girl. Many of the illustrations throughout the book are based on places near his hometown.

"The most important thing is that Sean leaves her that particular day when they find the crock of gold saying that if ever she needs a friend she can always come to the field sit on the log and Sean will appear and it will progress from there." he reads aloud with still a trace of an Irish accent.

The Hargan’s daughter, Rachael, who recalls the stories from when she was a child, is happy to have them now collected in a book.

"Well for me, it’s just so nice having it on paper the fact that I’ll be able to keep this and read it to my kids and just share that story is so special to us." she says.

“Sean the Leprechaun” will travel the world in the second book in the series. The Hargan’s are currently working on the sequel, which they hope will be finished in the next few months.