A Sudbury couple is living a nightmare.

It's been a double whammy for new Sudbury homeowners James Crispo and Dominique Ansell.

Not only is their property encroaching on their neighbour's land, but half of their backyard belongs to Laurentian University, including their septic system and utility shed.

The news has left them in utter shock.

"We couldn't believe it," said Crispo.

"We actually executed due diligence or what we believe to be due diligence when we purchased our home, by working with a realtor, a lawyer, home inspectors."

However, they admit they didn't get the land surveyed before they bought the home.

The couple said it's a lesson learned.

"Without question, hindsight is 20/20. I think moving forward in the future we would absolutely commission a survey on any property that we would purchase," Crispo said.

A sentiment echoed by Sudbury land surveyor David Dorland.

"In the most important transaction in most people's lives, buying a piece of property, they have a piece of paper called title insurance and often times they're unsure of the extent of the property, so it's really important," Dorland explained.

According to the couple, they're willing to resolve the issue by acquiring the encroached land through purchase or trade. But they say, Laurentian isn't budging.

"The reasons were quite unclear which are quite frustrating to us," said Crispo.

"They just said they don't propose resolving encroachments in this manner. However that's all we got. It wasn't a matter of cost or terms. It was just a flat out no."

"We're hoping we can work with Laurentian. We've trained there and are proud alumni of theirs and that's why we initially approached them, hoping we could work things out," added Ansell.

In a statement, Laurentian University said Crispo and Ansell had their opportunity to present their case to the board of governors on June 23 and those governors are now encouraging that the matter be brought back to the table at their next regular meeting in October.