SUDBURY -- Greater Sudbury city councilors will soon get the chance to vote on the proposal for a new affordable housing development near the city's iconic water tower.

The project is being championed by a number of people including Sudbury Wolves owner, Dario Zulich, and Eileen Mahood, the widow of the late pastor Jeremy Mahood of All Nations Church.

It comes after a similar project by the Canadian Mental Health Association fell through for an old school building on Lourdes Street.

As part of this new proposal, Zulich says he will donate the 1.6 hectare parcel of land to the new development.

"Jeremy Mahood was a very good friend of mine and almost a year ago he passed away but as a friend we used to often speak about how can we help the homeless, feed the hungry," said Zulich. "There's a real requirement in the city to help out those less fortunate, we often joked about 'how are we going to get this done?' We always said before our final day, we're going to do this our final project and unfortunately his final day came, so we're going to keep it going."

The project is going to be done through Mahood's not-for-profit "I Believe Network," of which Eileen Mahood is the president.

"I couldn't believe the amount of people that go through there, people are hungry and in need of housing. Every city, there is always going to be marginalized people…this city could use another 2,000 beds," said Zulich.

The people behind the project are also hoping to house those in need with several agencies getting on board, including Habitat for Humanity.

"It's all in the spirit of giving and it's starting to manifest and how it's going to finally unfold and what's going to happen, still not sure but it's going to happen," Zulich added.

Michael Cullen is the co-chair of the steering committee for the project; he tells CTV News it's important to keep Mahood's memory alive.

"This is one step closer to maybe a future development that has more housing but the supportive side is the key that will reinvent housing in our city I think," said Cullen.

It's unclear how many projects or proposals are now under consideration by the city.

Council will discuss and potentially vote on the issue at its Mar.10 meeting.