Economic development and new growth in Greater Sudbury is top of mind for city councillors this week as they slashed development charges in half for the next five years.

Mayor Brian Bigger, who has been pushing for lower fees since his re-election in 2018, was pleased to see council get in behind the motion Tuesday.

The levy is used to help fund municipal services, specifically roads and sewers.

Bigger is hopeful it will spur more economic investment along with a strong signal to the community of investors.

“We have so many advantages here in Sudbury and so this is just one more very strong signal and one advantage that we have. If you look at the largest cities in the province, we are the lowest development charges and so attractive with all the amenities.” said Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger.

The mayor is also recommending that the city replace the economic development board with city councillors. That motion will be discussed June 25.