SUDBURY -- Greater Sudbury's hearing committee will hear an appeal next week from the owner of a python who is fighting an order compelling them to give up the pet snake.

Under a bylaw approved in 2017, Sudbury residents can only have non-venomous snakes as pets, and those snakes can't be longer than four feet.

Bylaw staff were alerted in March of this year that someone was keeping an illegal snake in their apartment, and began an investigation.

They arrived at the residence March 25 and were allowed to enter the apartment.

"It was confirmed by the tenant that the snake was a female python and was approximately six to eight feet in length," said a staff report on the case.

The owner of the snake was told March 26 that the pet would have to be removed, and an appeal of that decision was filed April 7.

The hearing will be held during the committee's June 23 meeting beginning at 6 p.m. Read the full report here.