SUDBURY -- A Sudbury-based medical company has gotten a boost in funding to help deploy what it's calling a revolutionary device.

Flosonics Medical, based in downtown Sudbury, has gotten $500,000 in funding from FedNor to help it develop the necessary IT infrastructure to roll-out the 'Flo-Patch', the world's first wireless, wearable ultrasound system.

"What we've done is taken a complex technology into a wearable, that's push-button simple, that allows nurses and clinicians to get the data they need to care for their patients when they are critically ill and when very important decisions need to be made," said Andrew Eibl, the co-founder of Flosonics Medical, during the virtual funding announcement.

The device is meant to hopefully free up the time of medical staff, alerting them of critical information with their patients and alleviating the need to consistently monitor bedside equipment.

"The project that we are announcing today is to ultimately to enable the deployment and interoperability of this technology in a hospital throughout different departments while capturing the information that we are assessing about those patients to help make better-informed decisions that impact the quality of care," Eibl said.

The funding announcement was made by Sudbury MP Paul Lefebvre and Nickel Belt MP Marc Serre. The company was provided $200,000 in 2017 during its initial years.

“As we see the evolution of this great company, I remember making the announcement with the Eibl brothers back in 2017 and they were a small team, I think they were 4 or 5 people at the time, and now, they’ve grown to 20, and with this investment, 25. And I think the potential is huge,” Lefebvre said.

In addition to developing the necessary infrastructure to deploy the technology, it will also help create five new jobs.


The device was granted an authorization under the COVID Interim Order by the Government of Canada in the summer of 2020.