The time difference between Canada and South Korea means some of the key Olympic events are on very early in the morning back here.

 A Sudbury sports bar owner wanted a special licence to open early and to serve alcohol while showing Team Canada hockey games, but says only some places in Ontario are getting that permission.

 Attilio Langella is the owner of Overtime Bar and Grill in Sudbury.

The restaurant regularly showcases important hockey games, and for him, Team Canada's games at the Olympics are no exception.

 Langella says his business will open early for the men’s and women’s hockey semi-final games, depending on when Canada plays. He says he wishes he had the ability to serve alcohol before 11 a.m., but the only place in Ontario that can do that is Toronto.

 "We did open in 2014 for the finals and we did have a full house and we did not serve alcohol, but like I said, if Toronto can do it, I just don't understand why the rest of the province can't." said Langella.

 CTV contacted the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and it had this to say about Toronto getting approval:

 "It is our understanding the city of Toronto approved a motion to extend hours only for these days: Feb 19, 22, 23 and 24. The AGCO (alcohol and gaming commission) was not part of the approval in this case." said Ray Kahnert of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

 So what do locals think?

 "I think, for the most part, they understand. I don't think they're really here to get drunk. We're food first here and alcohol second at Overtime and I've never had any complaints." said Langella.

 Attilio says even without permission, he will still open his doors in the early morning hours so people can enjoy the games again this year. He'll still offer breakfast, but not alcohol.