SUDBURY -- A handful of Onaping Falls Lions Club members gather on the weekends to make meals, freeze them and then hand them out to seniors every Thursday.

Close to 40 elderly residents in the area receive weekly goodie bags delivered right to their front step.

Club members say they feel this type of service is very much needed at this time.

"A lot of people have lost that assistance... so in us doing this, first of all it gives them a good meal everyday because we put in seven meals plus all kinds of goodies we have that week depending on what we can get and stuff like that. Secondly it's their spirit. We find that their spirit is high because they are not forgotten. They feel part of the world even though they are confined to the home and their really scared," said Carmen Portelance with the Opaping Falls Lions Club.

Meals for delivery

Since the group stated deliveries a month ago, more than 2,000 meals have been handed out. Members say it's rewarding work and people appreciate it.

"I went there and she had tears in her eyes, which we see often. She said 'my angel, you are saving my life.' I said, 'no I am just bringing you food.' and the resident said 'yes, you're saving my life because all I've been eating is stuff that I can put together quick and it's not healthy and right now you're bringing me stuff that's healthy.' She gave me the name of another gentleman who is all by himself and he's suffering also so she said 'would you put him on your list?'" said Portelance.

Blanche Kennedy has been living at Gorham's Court seniors residence for 18 years now. She says this kind gesture goes a long way.

"I was so surprised and grateful what the lions club is doing for me, and not only for me but for the whole area. They are helping everyone who is really in need. It's all good, it's all homemade and it saves me time. I don't have to cook, i just take it out put it in the microwave and eat. It's really nice." said Kennedy.

Members say they are in need of donations to keep this up and they say the plan is to continue these deliveries until this pandemic is over.