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Stunning moon images taken in northern Ontario during full lunar eclipse


Many skywatchers in northern Ontario were delighted to capture and share beautiful lunar images of Sunday night's total eclipse.

The moon took on a red hue as the sun, earth and moon formed a straight line in the night sky. It is also known as a blood moon due to its colour.

Gabrielle Labelle-Davis shared this series of photos taken in Kirkland Lake between 9:04 p.m. and 11:24 p.m. May 15.

Full moon total eclipse photo series by Gabrielle Labelle-Davis. May 15/22

Photographer Graham Fielding said patience paid off for him Sunday night. 

Full moon rising over lake in Whitefish, Ont. May 15/22 (Graham Fielding Photography)

He said when he set up his cameras around 9:30 p.m. in Whitefish – west of Sudbury -- the sky was clear, but an hour later the clouds moved in and covered the moon.

The clouds cleared in time to give Fielding a full view of the total eclipse.

He said he took this photo with a 600 mm lens on a tripod with one-second exposure:

Total eclipse of the moon in Whitefish, Ont. May 15/22 (Graham Fielding Photography)

Marcel Heroux also captured several stunning photos of the moon during the eclipse from Timmins.

Full lunar eclipse photo series from Timmins, Ont. May 15/22 (Marcel Heroux)

Robin Allen from Timmins captured this photo of the eclipse and posted it on the CTV News Northern Ontario Facebook page:

Shyam Satya Srinivas Puthineedi of JOSSOM Photography took this photo of the full moon from the lakeshore at Port Credit, Ont. on Sunday night.

Photo of full moon over Port Credit, Ont. May 15/22 (Jossom Photography)

Colin Durocher, a member of Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, worked with Olathe MacIntyre from Science North doing a livestream of the lunar event and capturing photos from Dynamic Earth. 

The full moon over Sudbury seen from Dynamic Earth. May 15/22 (Colin Durocher)


Super flower blood moon over Sudbury's Moonglo neighbourhood. May 15/22 (Colin Durocher)


Super flower blood moon taken by Colin Durocher from Dynamic Earth in Sudbury. May 15/22

If you have photos of the moon and eclipse from Sunday night, send them to us by email here. Please give us your name and when and where the photos were taken. Top Stories

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