SUDBURY – Students spent the night of October 9 taking part in the 11th annual 'Homeless for a Night' initiative.

Over 100 students from Ecole-Secondaire Champlain in Chelmsford spent the night outside to bring attention to the issue of homelessness.

The students also raised money for people in need.

"I have in my box, two sleeping bags, hoodies, a coat… I also put a tarp around my box in case it rains," said Sebastien Whissell, Student.

"I'm with about six other friends. We made a group circle and so we have each of our tarps with a big tarp over all six of us, and we all brought extra tarps for each other, so if someone's box collapses we have the extra pieces," said Kylee Fowler, Student.

The students' teacher Carol Bradley Whissell explained that the initiative gives students "a better understanding of homelessness and it gives them a chance to understand and have empathy for people who are living on the streets. I understand that it's just one night for them, but I think that when they come out of this, they have more respect for homeless people."

Money raised from the initiative will go to local charities including the Chelmsford Food Band and the Infant Food Band in Sudbury.