SUDBURY -- Laurentian University Mine Rescue Club is gearing up for an International Mine Rescue Competition.

The student run organization will be flying to Vancouver Tuesday, for the first Canadian International Student Mine Rescue Competition.

The team has been training for this international competition since October, which will consist of four components.

"There’s going to be an underground component, where the team goes under ground to retrieve some casualties and potentially fight a fire and come back to surface. There will be a fire fighting completion, a first aid competition and a technician competition as well. We try to train them in as many ways as possible so they’re ready for anything," said Catherine Biskupski, trainer with the Mine and Rescue Club.  

As part of the first aid training, the team faces multiple ‘real-life’ scenarios, and over the past few months, the students say they've have come long way.

"Our first aid has gotten a lot stronger, we’ve learned how to deal with some more complex injuries like pelvic breaks or femoral breaks we’ve also learned how to work together as a team," said Georgiana Coste-Ramsey, chemical engineering student.

 "You learn something new every day, with every scenario since we do it like three times a week and then we have a full going under the oxygen scenario on Saturdays so I think with every situation you understand how big the hazards can be every time we get a debrief and we understand what we did wrong," said Kirsten Deneka, mining engineering student.

The team will be arriving back home Friday, hopefully with a first place trophy.

The groups next competition will be in 2021, where it will head to Colorado.