A storm featuring heavy rain and hail swept into North Bay on Friday, knocking out power and causing some flooding.

There were several power outages across the city throughout the afternoon. North Bay Hydro said power has been restored to all customers.

"A hail storm in North Bay in August," said Darlene Wright-Wallace, in a video she posted to Facebook.

"Can this get any crazier?"

You can view her video by clicking here. Wright-Wallace told CTV she was just passing through North Bay, on her way to Toronto.

The city said localized flooding was an issue in several neighbourhoods.

"We had two calls for property damage, two homes with water in the basement, so far. People aren't all home from work yet. It was really just surface water and excessive amounts of surface water, which only time will help us with that," explained Jason Leblond, roads and traffic supervisor.

Carol Dilmaghani was shocked to find small dents on her vehicle from the hail.

"We got a couple of dents this morning, just on the side," said Dilmaghani.

"Crews are out right now. Some are sweeping and removing larger debris from the street to make sure everything can drain properly,” added Leblond.