SUDBURY -- Monday was International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

CTV News talked to a 2SLGBTQ+ activist in Sudbury about the challenges of becoming a more inclusive community that respects diversity.

Vincent Bolt has been a 2SLGBTQ+ activist for more than 15 years. He said there are many real issues like hatred and bigotry people still face online and in person.

"I hear about people still being harassed in the street by strangers," Bolt said. "I still hear about incidents in school where, especially for trans youth, being misgendered or people refusing to use their chosen name. And I also hear a lot of stories about issues in the workplace."

He said there are steps everyone can take to stop discrimination.

"Calling out things like homophobia and transphobia and biphobia when you see them in public spaces, in the workplace," Bolt said. "You know when somebody makes a comment ask the why they made that comment and educate them on why it's not appropriate."

To help 2SLGBTQ+ youth connect with others, the Rainbow Online Connection, a northern Ontario-based group, is running a virtual summer camp for ages 12-18

"It a place where they can be themselves and they don't have to hide who they are," said Bolt. "They don't have to worry about homophobia or transphobia from the other participants. It's a place where they can be fully who they are without compromising their identities."

Bolt said overall, more education and advocacy is needed to help people understand and respect the Ontario Human Rights Code.