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South Ont. man fined $7K for northern Ont. moose hunt violations

An Etobicoke man pled guilty to hunting a bull moose without a licence and then abandoning the moose and allowing the meat to spoil.

Robert Mijackovic was fined $7,000 and had his hunting licence suspended for one year.

The court heard that on Oct. 20, 2022, conservation officers received information that a bull moose had been shot and abandoned in the vicinity of Petry Road, northwest of Upsala.

“Officers completed an investigation and determined that Mijackovic had been hunting for cow moose and had mistakenly shot a bull moose,” the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry said in a news release Friday.

“Rather than reporting his wrongdoing to conservation officers, Mijackovic fled the area, allowing the moose to spoil.”

Justice of the Peace Tobey Meyer heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice in Thunder Bay on May 3.

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