TIMMINS -- When the state of emergency is lifted and people are allowed to congregate again, residents who visit Hollinger Park in Timmins will see a whole new look and feel to the high-profile area.

Crews are currently working on what will be the park's key features -- a central meeting area with the showpiece being the earliest type of timekeeping device.

"It's going to be a large elevated, circular concrete pad that's going to have a sundial theme," said Gerry Paquette, supervisor of projects in Timmins. "That sundial theme will include a headframe that will support the main needle. It'll be surrounded by numerous benches."

A series of interlocking brick pathways will connect a number of park entrances to the meeting spot.

"The other area is the main walking trail and it's lit up so that people can enjoy that in the evenings, as well," said Paquette.

Construction is expected to wrap up in June or July, giving people plenty of time to use it while the weather is nice, but when winter arrives, the walking path will become a skating path.

Officials say the project is costing about $1 million and that a grand opening of the newly renovated park will be announced later this summer.