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Six transports taken off the road, 54 tickets in one-day North Bay traffic blitz


Six commercial vehicles were placed out of service, four license plates seized and 54 tickets issued in a one-day traffic blitz in the North Bay area last week.

The traffic enforcement initiative on June 6 was a collaborative effort between city police and Ontario Provincial Police.

"While the focus of the initiative was on speeding and other unsafe driving practices, tickets were issued for a number of different offences throughout North Bay," police said in a news release Monday.

"Extra resources were deployed during the campaign."

Dozens of provincial offence notices were written for speeding, distracted driving involving cell phones, improper mufflers and tinted windows, as well as not properly wearing seatbelts.

These types of violations cause significant injuries and death across the province each year and are a problem in the community, North Bay police Insp. of operations Jeff Warner said.

"These results show the importance of increased traffic enforcement, targeting vehicle modifications and unsafe commercial vehicles," said Warner.

"Working with our policing partners from the OPP, and the MTO enforcement officers, we charged a number of people in our ongoing efforts to improve road safety. With the warmer weather now upon us and the end of the school year approaching, e-bikes, scooters and kids on bicycles will increasingly be on our roads. I encourage everyone to slow down, drive appropriately, eliminate your distractions and arrive to your destination safely." Top Stories

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