NORTH BAY -- North Bay Police officers are warning residents of "compromised SIN card" scams in the area.

Scammers call pretending to be government officials. The callers are often aggressive and use threats to get people to reveal personal or financial information or convince them to pay a fake debt.

In a tweet, North Bay Police encourage people to hang up right away as government agencies do not conduct business this way.

"We've had 12 calls in the past two days where people have contacted us providing us with information. Fortunately, none of these people have fallen victim," said Const. John Schultz, community safety coordinator for North Bay Police Service.

He says scammers try to get your personal information to get credit in your name.

"I spoke to one person this morning. She received a call earlier today. The person identified themselves with a name and they said they were an RCMP officer and gave her a badge number and said her identity had been compromised and needed to verify her social insurance number and banking information," said Schultz. "Fortunately, this person was spot on, ended up hanging up."