An emotional morning took place in Elliot Lake on September 13 when after 52 years, an 87-year-old brother reunited with his 93-year-old sister.

"It's just great, and it's super great that this happened," said Pat Wilds.

It was a pinch me moment for Wilds as it was a day he had been waiting decades for.

The siblings went separate ways when they left Exeter in Southwestern Ontario. Dorothy Lee, Pat's sister, moved to Northern Ontario while Pat re-located to Kingsville, outside Windsor.

"It isn't like we drifted apart or anything like families do. I just… the situation wasn't the same… we weren't able to communicate like we wanted to," said Lee.

The two quickly got down to business, sharing news about their children, grandchildren and in Wild's case, great-grandchildren.

Dorothy's inner-circle say she's typically a quiet woman who doesn't share a lot of her feelings, with the exception of this past week, as she showed immense excitement.

"I think it's exciting for her because she didn't tell us a thing. She just said my brother's coming to visit and I thought 'that's nice'," said Lee's neighbour Joyce Edwards.

"She'll be a very happy lady for a long-time," added Lee's friend Betty Thomas.

They're hoping to start a new chapter now, to focus on what's ahead, and they say the reunion is a day they will never forget.