A showcase of northern Ontario chefs and ingredients were on display in Timmins Thursday night during the fifth annual Dinner in White event hosted by local restaurant Radical Gardens.

It’s an opportunity for people who love food to come together and savour some of the finest northern grown items such as various vegetables, mushrooms, pork, and trout. 

Smoked fish being made for Dinner in White

Preparing food for Dinner in White

Chefs from Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, and New Liskeard made the trek to Timmins to cook there for the first time. 

“It’s a wonderful eccentric dinner that, I believe, its origins are more than likely Italy. And everybody’s just supposed to be in white, so that it really showcases the food. That’s you’re colour. You get a little pop of colour from flowers, but really your colour comes from what’s on your plate and everyone’s a backdrop to it,” said organizer Brianna Humphrey.

She says she organizes events like the Dinner in White to demonstrate that interesting and unique food experiences do exist in northern Ontario, not just in the south.

zucchini flower blooms