SUDBURY -- With colder temperatures setting in, today marked the first day of the Sudbury Market opening indoors at the Southridge Mall.

There was a great turn-out for opening day with people coming out to buy local from area farmers, bakers and artisans.

To welcome people on the first day of the indoor market, vendors were handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.

"The Sudbury Market is run by the Greater Sudbury Market Association. It's a non profit organization that really believes in building a sustainable community so we operate throughout the year now, summer and winter," said Kayla Smith, the manager of the Sudbury Market.

All of the goods sold at the market are grown or produced locally.

"It's absolutely focused on local. What we are doing is both supporting the local economy, the local food chain, and local vendors, artisans but also the public,” said Thomas Merritt, the Chair of the Sudbury Market Board.

“We want to have people, give people the access to come in and shop local."

Three Forks Farms was set-up selling organic meat and produce. The farmer from Manitoulin Island appreciates the focus on local at the market.

"The public access - all these wonderful fresh vegetables, fruits and baked goods and all these other things but also it is building up local businesses and local farms, who can then reinvest into their farms and grow more food for the area," said Eric Blondin, the owner of Three Forks Farms.

Other vendors agree the market helps local businesses grow and reach customers.

"I know so many of us here don't have store locations so a lot of us depend on this kind of thing to sell our products to the community,” said Emilie Hebert, the owner of La Baguette Magique.

“So it's really great and the market is really like a little family, you get to know everyone really well and stuff, so it's really awesome."

A Sudbury hummus manufacturer feels the market is a unique place to shop local.

"I think it's absolutely fabulous we have this here is Sudbury. You have the best local makers, artisans and food growers, and food manufacturers like myself, found here at the market. We have some wonderful talent, we are all here in one location," said Deke Zaher, the owner of Zaher's Small Batch.

The Indoor Market is open every Saturday from 11a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Southridge Mall.

It runs through until Dec. 19 giving people the opportunity to shop local for gift giving.