There was some shocking testimony from a city inspector in a Sudbury courtroom today.

It was day four of a trial involving six charges under the Occupational Health and Safety Act against the city after a woman was run over and killed by a grader on a city construction site over two years ago.

Chief Field Inspector Shawn Hinton, who oversees work at city construction sites and supervises inspectors, took the stand on Wednesday.

He testified it's illegal for road work to be done in lighted intersections without police present conducting traffic control.

Two weeks before 58-year-old Cecile Paquette was struck and killed by a grader at a downtown intersection, he was called to the same area.

He observed Interpaving working in the intersection without police directing traffic, so he reported it to his supervisor.

A short time later, he says he was told by the city to allow the work to proceed because the contractor was behind schedule.

He testified that he continued to disagree with two city supervisors that were senior to him and the work was shut down after he spoke with a site supervisor from Interpaving.

Another city inspector will testify  on Thursday and that will wrap up the prosecution's case.

The defence confirms it plans to call just one witness, the General Manager of Infrastructure Services for the city Tony Cecutti.