Simone Bell knows first-hand the horrors of human trafficking as she was sold for sex over and over again in the Ottawa area.

She spoke at a police-sponsored conference in Sudbury on Monday.

"There are 2 typical types of traffickers and one uses force and violence but the most common one for our youth is being lured through false promises of love.” she says.

Bell is now with the group “Voice Found” and is talking to people who could possibly come in contact with a victim.

She’s trying to educate them on the needs of people who are survivors.

"You get used to this as the horrific situation that you live in, when you exit human trafficking you are left with a whole bunch of unknown questions. Where am I going to live ? What am I going to do about my addiction? How do I get help? Am I going to be safe in my community?"

The one-day conference was held to educate people about this growing crime, and how they can spot it.

“In certain jobs like hospitality, transportation, just to know what is going on and if you realize what is going on, what should you do?” said Amanda May of the Greater Sudbury Police Service.

“Voice found" says the best way to help a suspected victim of human trafficking is to ask: “What happened to you?”

The group says the next step after rescuing someone from the human trafficking trade is to help them understand it's not their fault.