After reviewing the evidence, Sudbury Police do not believe that the driver of the dump truck was aware that a pedestrian was struck.

No charges will be laid at this time, but the investigation is ongoing.


There has been a tragedy Monday afternoon on a busy road in the Garson area of Greater Sudbury. 

Police say one person has been killed in a traffic crash when a transport struck and killed a pedestrian.

It happened Monday afternoon on Falconbridge Road at Penman Avenue near a busy plaza.   

Traffic was backed up during the rush hour as people headed home or toward the airport.

Police would not let photographers near the actual scene.

They do confirm an 86-year-old man has died in this mishap.

Police are asking for witnesses who saw the transport, seen travelling south on Falconbridge Road around 3:15 pm Monday.

Sudbury Police say they have found the driver and the truck that they believe to have been involved in the collision.

The victim's name will not be released out of respect for the family's wishes.

Sudbury Police now say the image of the dump truck previously released is NOT the vehicle that was involved in the fatal collision in Garson on Monday afternoon.

With the help of numerous tips from community members and videos from dash cameras, officers were able to properly identify the vehicle involved.

An investigation of the incident is ongoing.