SUDBURY -- A Sudbury hip-hop artist is spreading joy, positivity and is encouraging people to realize their self-worth and work together toward world peace.

The 25-year-old Sudburian randomly approaches people and sings to them.

CTV News caught up with Kiyan Lautenschlager while he was singing to a family in Bell Park.

"I randomly sing to people because I feel it's my responsibility to share the light and love that is inside of me," Lautenschlager said.

His songs have a message and Lautenschlager said he generally makes up the songs as he sings them.

"My message first and foremost is world peace because that is what we need as a human race. I also have to give genuine appreciation. I have to remind people to love Mother Earth, to love themselves, to put positive thoughts in their head, to move around, to work out, to meditate and to go out in the world and connect," Lautenschlager said.

CTV News asked people for their reaction to the random acts of singing.

Maddoc Rhymer, 3, enjoyed it.

"World peace, good energy," Rymer said.

And his mother, Anna Rhymer, agrees.

"Met this cat a few times downtown at random places and he is really enlightening, gives me tonnes of energy, (he's) fantastic," Anna said.

Other people walking in the park said they felt inspired by the motivational music.

"You know we try to teach our kids to make sure they are aware and make sure they do a lot of self-talk and make sure they are happy," Tabitha Suprunov said.

"I really think we need that. We have been struggling for a year, so anything like that is good. Good stuff," said Harry Will, a regular walker in Bell Park.

"I think this is fantastic, it great for the park it's good for the people, put a smile on people's face and make people happy," said 80-year-old Clark Caverley.

With the warmer weather, Lautenschlager plans to perform even more random acts of singing and said he feels great connecting with people and spreading good energy.