Voting for people in Greater Sudbury continues Tuesday after computer server issues Monday night shut down voting for mayor, council and school board trustees.

The city said problems began around 5 pm after some 40,000 people had voted. 

It also happened in 50 other municipalities around Ontario.  The company that manages the system, Dominion Voting, blamed a glitch on Toronto.

Here's what was said about it all Monday night:

"My sincere apologies, absolutely to everybody. To the staff in those locations, who were, you know, faced with a very difficult situation. It's unfortunate for them; it's unfortunate for the public. People that were in those locations that had to wait. It's unfortunate for the candidates, and, you know, I truly apologize to everybody involved." said City of Greater Sudbury clerk Eric Labelle.

Sudbury’s incumbent mayor, Brian Bigger, calls for a review of the situation.

"I'm just so disappointed that this process has failed the voters of Sudbury and, you know, all that I can say is that there will be accountability. I want answers. I want it completely investigated and followed through and understand how this occurred. How these choices and decisions were made.” said Bigger.

Mayoral challenger Dan Melanson says the electronic voting system didn’t provide a good value for the money.

"Someone put a price before value, because I need to be talked about, saving $100,000 by going with this online system and you know really what did we save?" said Melanson.

Another mayoral hopeful, Patricia Mills, says she heard from many frustrated voters about the failed process.

"This system didn't serve the voters well, obviously, and I've been inundated with text messages and phone calls and emails from voters frustrated that they couldn't vote.” said Mills.

And in a statement candidate Cody Cacciotti said:  "Tonight's extended voting deadline is a symptom of a system that was poorly planned and rushed to completion."

Voting is open Tuesday from 10 am to 8 pm.

CTV News will have Greater Sudbury's election results online here and on the Late newscast at 11:30 pm.