SAULT STE. MARIE -- With many questioning the future of the beach at Pointe Des Chenes, some Sault Ste. Marie city councillors want the city to look into adding a weekend transit route to make it more accessible.

Councillor Matthew Shoemaker is presenting the motion to council on Monday. He said the aim is to get more people using the beach during the summer months.

"We want it on the summer weekends, because not too many people are using the beach in the winter. We want it when the weather is agreeable, and not on rain days and things of that nature," said Shoemaker.

Councillor Corey Gardi is seconding the motion. He said that while the beach is within city limits, its distance from the core is a challenge to those without a vehicle.

"It’s a ways enough away, if you will, that makes it a bit of a challenge for those who don’t have an automobile or other means of getting out there," said Gardi. "So we thought that this would be a good idea and I commend Councillor Shoemaker for brining it forward."

Gardi said that with the city looking at bringing more amenities to Pointe Des Chenes, the time is right to look at adding a transit route. 

"I know city staff is applying to the Canada Healthy Communities Initiative to bring some more amenities out there this year, some volleyball courts, disc golf out there as well," says Gardi. "Hopefully it will proceed in some fashion and more of the community will be able to enjoy the beach and some of those new amenities."

The motion before council on Monday suggests transit service to Pointe Des Chenes on weekends between late June and Labour Day.