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Sault's Entomica joins campaign to address misinformation

The national science advocacy group is embarking on a campaign to address misinformation pertaining to viruses and vaccines.

The Canadian Association of Science Centres, based in Sudbury, launched an online initiative called #ScienceUpFirst, and it partnering with various agencies across Canada.

One of those partner agencies, Entomica Insectarium, is in Sault Ste. Marie.

Dr. Krishana Sankar, organizer of #ScienceUpFirst, said the aim of the campaign is to collect opinions from the public, while providing up-to-date information on the spread of viruses.

"Our mission is to pre-bunk and debunk health and science misinformation online, by sharing expert-vetted content in creative ways," said Sankar.

Entomica is collaborating with Sault Pride on an event called ‘Valentines, Vixens, and Vaccines.’ It's one of four events to be hosted by Entomica, during which surveys will be handed out to those who wish to complete one.

Board president John Dedes said Entomica is not trying to persuade or convince the public to get vaccinated.

"The information is coming from the Canadian Association of Science Centres and #ScienceUpFirst," said Dedes.

"So, we're just basically disseminating that information and gathering the learning metrics and public opinion metrics."

Valentines, Vixens, and Vaccines happens Feb. 11 at the Queen of Hearts Club beginning at 9:45 p.m. Top Stories

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