SAULT STE. MARIE -- A new survey is asking Canadians how they've been changed their behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Statistics Canada survey asks about precautions being taken, mental health stability, and person-to-person interactions during a time where physical distancing is in place.

"I don't really feel anxious at all," said Laurence Pigeon, a Sault Ste. Marie resident. "I've sure kept a bit of distance, but still see some people, while I always carry a bottle of hand sanitizer just in case."

Pigeon says he's taken up biking a bit more, now that there's little else to do besides watching Television.

He says it's also helping practice physical distancing.

"I live in an apartment, so coming in contact with others is quite usual for me," he said.

When looking at COVID-19 precautions, 92 per cent of people surveyed say that they're being distant, while 95 per cent say they're washing their hands more.

"We've been asked to do a few drive by meets with friends, and so far we haven't, but I think we will soon," said Barbara Taillefer while out enjoying a walk with her husband, Jerry Sunday afternoon.

She says the pair have increased walking to enjoy the weather and find ways to keep busy.

"We're really not feeling that anxious, you know," said Jerry Taillefer. "I do all the shopping, which is when I get most people interaction. I wear my mask and as long as they keep away, I'm good."

The survey says that 35 per cent of respondents say they're eating more junk food and takeout during the pandemic.

"We've certainly been doing that, just to avoid going out to places," said Andrew Hay, who was also out Sunday with his girlfriend, Terri Underhill. "I prefer Wendy's and she, McDonald's."

Underhill says she's been a little more mindful of interactions with others, often staying at home during the day.

Meanwhile, Hay says he's trying to bring more normalcy back into his life.

"Just yesterday, I had a barbecue with a good friend of mine," he said. "We kept our distance of course, chatted, did the usual, and went on throughout the rest of our day."

Both Hay and Underhill say they're also not feeling anxious and hope more establishments, like restaurant patios, will soon be able to reopen to the public.