SUDBURY -- The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service is warning members of the public about phoney repair technicians going door to door asking to do an inspection.

"Complainants say a person claiming to work for Reliance Home Comfort as a repair technician comes to their home and requests permission to enter the home and check their hot water tank and furnace," police said in a news release Wednesday.

"Homeowners who have allowed the person into their homes say once the fraudster checks the hot water tank and furnace, they request personal Reliance Home Comfort client information from the homeowner."

Police have contacted Reliance Home Comfort and they confirmed they never conduct door-to-door sales, since it's against company policy.

"Homeowners, please be cautious about who you let into your homes," police said. "Remember, you have every right to ask questions about who these people are, who they work for and why they are attending your home.

"If you have second thoughts, end the conversation and do not let them into your home. Protect yourself, your property and your personal information at all times."

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