Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services is helping seniors protect themselves against fire. The Assisting Seniors Awareness Program or Project ASAP is focussed on those 65 or older, and still living independently.

Aaron Gravelle, public education officer, says those who sign up for Project ASAP will get a home visit from Sault Fire, who will then assist with a variety of things tied to fire safety.

“Basically what we do is we go and do a one-hour visit with the seniors,” said Gravelle. “We talk about kitchen fire safety, we check all their smoke alarms carbon monoxide alarms, we do a home escape plan right in the house for them. And basically we answer any questions, things they might be worried about.”

Gravelle says those who sign up for the program will receive a visit every year to make sure everything is still in working order, and to revise home escape plans should their be a change in mobility for the resident.

“We want to make sure that we’re targeting that audience and keeping them safe,” he said. “Housing is a big thing for them, and we want to keep them in their own houses and keep them safe for as long as possible. Some of that don’t have that person or that family member or neighbour that can help them out. And so we want to make sure that we address all the issues with them and keep them in their homes.”

Project ASAP is a free program. Seniors can call or email Sault Fire Services to set up a home visit. They can also be referred by their doctor, caregiver or community agencies.