SUDBURY -- It's not unusual to find backyard rinks in the north, but the same can't be said for chickens joining in.

But for Lindsey and Rob Palumbo in Sault Ste. Marie, their chickens were just as intrigued with skating, as they were with their family hobby farm.

"We put them in a little sled so that they can kind of move around with us, because they slip and slide all over the place," said Lindsey Palumbo.

Palumbo said the family acquired the chickens a year ago, when she started a backyard farm as a lesson for her kids.

"We quickly learned that there was quite a lot of fun stuff we could do with them," she said. "They're cute as heck and it's really fun to do whatever we can with them."

Their chickens presence has also become a hit among neighbours and on their social media page, called "the superior gardener."

"Our kids best friend, Ryan, next door, she's over skating on the rink with the chickens" said Rob Palumbo. "We try to make sure everyone's involved as much as we can."

While the chickens are the draw, Palumbo said families have been enticed to stay for lessons around their farm as well.

"I think, where it expanded the most for us is that some other kids in the neighbourhood started coming over to learn about what Lin was teaching our kids," he said. "We kind of just grew it from there."