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Sault-based group says it wants to dispel myths about trappers

The Ontario Fur Managers Federation is looking to increase public knowledge about the work done by trappers.

An awareness campaign featuring a new billboard on Trunk Road in Sault Ste. Marie is proof of their efforts.

Lauren Tonelli, the Federation’s general manager, said they want people to know about the importance of managing wildlife populations through trapping.

“We’re the ones out there monitoring those populations," Tonelli said.

"We want to make sure future generations of trappers have healthy, sustainable populations to trap, as well.”

The campaign also seeks to dispel what the federation calls "misinformation" being spread by animal rights activists.

But Liz White, director of the Animal Alliance of Canada, said trapping has nothing to do with managing populations.

"Populations are quite OK at managing themselves,” said White, whose group strongly opposes trapping.

She also claimed trappers use “inhumane methods”

“When you look at the number of animals who chew their paws off so they can escape the traps and you know that trap lines are very long and often people can not get there within 24 hours,” White said.

In response, the Fur Managers Federation maintains the traps used are rigorously tested and don't kill animals inhumanely.

Tonelli said any trappers who do bring a bad name to the industry should be caught by law enforcement.

“That’s a legal obligation of the trapper to make sure that all of their traps are checked if they’re live traps within 24 hours," she said.

"Trappers want to make sure they’re collecting those furs as soon as possible to make sure they’re at their highest quality. No trapper wants to see an animal left in a trap.” Top Stories

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