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Saucer-shaped cloud spotted in Greater Sudbury

A circular-shaped stationary cloud spotted Sunday in northern Ontario is reminiscent of the movie 'Nope' by Jordan Peele.

Lenticular cloud seen over Capreol, Ont., is reminiscent of the movie 'Nope' by Jordan Peele. April 16/23 (Kelly Crowder)

While it looks a bit like the UFO in the science fiction horror film, there is a scientific explanation for the unusual-looking cloud that was seen over the Greater Sudbury community of Capreol.

"This is called a lenticular cloud," Amy Henson, a senior scientist at Science North in Sudbury, told CTV News in an email.

"They are usually formed when winds in the atmosphere hit a mountain or hill. When the air hits the obstruction, it swirls and creates little Eddy currents of air. If that swirling air drops in the atmosphere, it can quickly hit the dew point creating a cloud."

These types of clouds are often seen in winter and spring, Henson said.

Forecaster Larry Schick said in an article explaining the phenomenon, a lenticular cloud is a good forecast indicator.

"They are a good warning sign of an approaching weather front and sometimes a big snowstorm," Schick said.

"Lenticulars are stationary as air moves through the cloud to create and then evaporate the cloud."

The cloud appeared the day before temperatures dropped dramatically back down to seasonal after several days of summer-like temperatures.

Circular stationary cloud seen over Capreol, Ont. April 16/23/ (Kelly Crowder)

Unusual UFO-shaped cloud -- known as a lenticular cloud -- hovers over Capreol, Ont., on Sunday. April 16/23 (Kelly Crowder) Top Stories

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