SAULT STE. MARIE – It's national Senior Safety Week and the Public Health Unit in Sault Ste. Marie is holding an event for seniors to teach them about safe winter walking.

Evelyn Theriault is part of an older adults' group called the Soo Rising Stars.

They perform a number of skits and songs about issues close to seniors, including falling hazards.

Theriault says she's fallen a few times herself.

"You lose that independence quite a bit. You're afraid then to fall a second time so you're twice as leary," says Theriault.

Winter is almost here and with that comes more falling hazards.

"They're going to learn about walking with poles if they chose to. They're going to learn about good nutrition because that's equally important in the winter months. Staying hydrated, how to dress for the winter months. Good footwear, wearing layers, reflective clothing," explained Helen Kwolek, Algoma Public Health Nurse.

Seniors represent 51% of all injury-related hospitalization in Canada last year, according to the Canadian Institute of Health Information.

A high number of those cases were a result of falling.

"One of the big things we have to remember is to get back active as quickly as we can. Have a medical assessment to make sure that we can participate in what we have been doing before. Eat properly, get the right sleep and rest and all of that will help us maintain our health as we grow older," says Theriault.

Officials say it's important to stay active throughout the winter months and that slip and fall prevention really comes down to living a healthy and active lifestyle, whether it's by going on walks or taking part in local fitness classes.