SUDBURY -- A three-wheeler bike that belonged to a man with developmental disabilities was stolen from his backyard earlier this week.

But the Greater Sudbury Police Service, as well as L’Arche Sudbury that supports adults with intellectual disabilities, managed to get the bike back.

Garnet Gould purchased his bike roughly two years ago after he was able to save up enough money. Unfortunately, on Jan. 12 Gould noticed the bike had gone missing.

“I feel very sad, I’m missing my bike," he said. "At my apartment, it was outside on the back door where the fence is and bad guys cut the fence and I saw footprints there.”

“He works hard -- he was so proud of that bike and I think just knowing the freedom and the opportunities that it provides Garnet in his life,” said Jennifer McCauley, with L’Arche Sudbury. “It supports his physical health as well as his mental health. He’s able to get out in the summer months, he really does miles and miles on that bike. We’re so impressed by what he does so to know that was taken away from him is just devastating.”

The story took a good turn when police in Sudbury were able to find the bike. It turns out police received a call at 6:30 a.m. about a suspicious person in the area.

“Through the investigation in the Minnow Lake area, the stolen bike was recovered,” said Const. Mickey Teed. “My best advice to people is to make sure you lock it up, get a good lock (and) secure it. If you can store it in your garage, even better, or a shed and if you can’t do that, buy a really secure lock.”

Sudbury police were planning on buying Gould a new bike if they were unsuccessful finding it. But, they were just as happy to hand over his original bike, giving the story a happy ending.