SUDBURY -- There were quite a few excited faces on Sunday as runners got the chance to take part in what might be their only race all year.

The annual "Gobbler" was held at the Walden Nordic Club as a fundraiser for the cross-country team on Sunday and it didn't take long for the event to sell out.

Race Director Neil Phipps says they used staggered start times for individuals or smaller family units and while it made for a longer day, in many ways it was much easier and eliminated some of the longer line-ups.

"Super happy that the weather turned out for us, it's been a dodgy go the last little-while and trails are in great shape so we're looking forward to the day," said Phipps.

He and his team worked with medical authorities to make sure they had the latest information and were following all of the rules, which wasn't the easiest task.

Those who were coming from hot spots, out-of-town, were encouraged to skip the race this year.

They also worked to minimize any congregating after the run was done to ensure safety.

"It's exciting to be able to have an event to run in again, I'm very self-motivated but even to be able to have an event where we socially distance to see all of our friends and stuff - it's wonderful," said runner Sara McIlraith.

"It was actually really easy, they sent out lots of information ahead of time, staggered starts so I literally did not see anyone out there running while I was out there, so not nervous at all," said another runner Melissa Anderson.

The event is also the last competition of the year for the Sudbury Fitness Challenge.