SUDBURY -- Royal Canadian Legions around the country are making necessary changes to ensure support for veterans during the COVID-19 pandemic, including here in Sudbury.

The Lockerby Legion 564 used to see 30 to 150 members each day and now - it's completely empty.

"Typically on a Friday we have people in and out, they're playing games, cards, darts we're setting up for the Friday night. dance which brings in approximately 120 people. All activities, all special events have been cancelled and unfortunately with it went 100% of our revenue," said Mary Michasiw, President of the Lockerby Legion 564. 

Not only is there a financial strain on the legion with no events being held, there is also a major strain on the 200 plus members who are now stuck at home with no where to go to socialize. 

"We have regular people who come here every single day, this is their social outlet. This is where they meet with their friends and they'll spend the whole afternoon just talking and sharing so this is a big loss. I called one lady this morning and that's what she was saying, she really misses her friends," said Michasiw.

Michasiw makes dozens of phone calls on a daily-basis to check-in. 

"If they need groceries, we'll make sure that they get groceries. If they need assistance in some way, we provide the assistance. Most of the time, the calls we receive are for information or just someone wants to talk," said Michasiw.

Michasiw also says she will continue to make phone calls to all members until the pandemic is over. 

The Royal Canadian legion also announced Friday afternoon that it's releasing $3 million of its national reserves to help branches nationwide.