The 39-year-old man charged with first-degree murder last week in a 20 year old case in Sudbury made a video link court appearance Thursday.

Robert Steven Wright was charged last week in the brutal stabbing murder of Renee Sweeney in January 1998.

Wearing prison orange overalls, he had the opportunity to talk to his lawyer over the phone before the case was put over for another court appearance on January 3rd.

Afterward, the defence attorney, Berk Keaney, told CTV News he will be seeking bail for his client.

Given the nature of the charge, the defence will be requesting a judicial interim release hearing in superior court, which they expect to be heard in early February.

A media release provide by Keaney on December 12th states:

"It appears that it is the public's perception that the case is solved. To jump to that conclusion would be a huge mistake.  We will be making no further public comment while this matter is before the courts."